Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Vinyl coated chain link is an increasingly popular alternative to simple galvanized chain link fencing. Previously galvanized wire is coated in vinyl by one of three processes: extruded, extruded bonded and fuse bonded. Vinyl coated wire comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to match nearly any palette.


Extruded vinyl coated chain link is perfect for those looking to spruce up your yard with a bit of color. While galvanized fences provide a classic look, a black or green vinyl coating gives your yard a more modern and sophisticated feel. An additional benefit is that color coating also blends with the surrounding background.

Extruded Bonded:

For commercial, industrial and security vinyl coated chain link fencing, extruded bonded is a better alternative to simple extruded wire. With extruded bonded wire, the extruding process is taken one step further: an adhesive is applied added to the wire before being extruded with the vinyl coating. This seals the vinyl to the wire to bond provides greater protection against nature. As with the galvanized chain link fencing, mesh size can be altered upon request.

Fused Bonded:

For the ultimate in vinyl coated chain link fencing, look no further than MaxFused2b fusion bonded wire. Coated using a polyolefin coating, the galvanized wire is first heated, then coated, causing the wire and the plastic to bond together, creating a better protective coating to prevent moisture from penetrating to the steel core of the wire.

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