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Max Moore

Southwestern Wire was started in March 1992 when Max Moore and Steve Peters acquired the machinery and equipment of Acme Fence and Iron from the Bank of Oklahoma. The initial focus for Max and Steve was to address technological and personnel issues facing the successful turnaround venture of Southwestern Wire, Inc. The first year in operation was used to rebuild and modernize the machinery in the plant. A state-of-the-art wire galvanizing line was installed, increasing the capacity and enabling Southwestern Wire to compete with the larger wire manufacturers – including domestic and foreign companies. The new galvanizing line also allowed for heavier zinc coating weights, up to 1.2-oz./per sq. ft, suitable for industrial applications. In 1993, Southwestern Wire built the only mass-production Galvanized Tension Bar facility in the United States, allowing Southwestern Wire to produce the only domestic manufactured tension bars available. In 1998 an expansion to the bar line allowed for even greater capacity.

Steve Peters

The main product focus is on producing Chainlink Fabric. In 1994, the installation of computer controls on the chainlink weaving machines substantially increased capacity and quality. In 1998, an additional 30,000 sq. ft. production facility was constructed, increasing Southwestern Wire’s capacity further. Additionally, a vinyl coating line was added to enable us to manufacture PVC colored wire and fabric. Other projects for the 1998 year include: galvanized single loop bale ties added to the product assortment, construction of a weaving machine capable of manufacturing fabric up to 20′ tall. High carbon wire was also added to the product mix that was made available to existing and new customers of Southwestern Wire.


Pat Moore

In 1999, the capacity for production of single loop bale ties was doubled when two additional machines were added to that department. Later in the year, construction was started on a second galvanizing line that greatly increased the galvanized wire production for the plant. Increased production from the two galvanizing lines would allow continued growth for the facility through the remainder of the year 2000. In early Summer of 2000, Max Moore was taken from us in a plane crash, but his dream of an ever-growing and ever-expanding company goes on. The management team and employees that Max put together work to fulfill his plans and dreams.

Throughout the decade of the 2000’s, many upgrades were made both in technology and machinery. With these newest technologies Southwestern Wire, Inc. added the ability to coat wire to a Class 5 coating ,giving Southwestern Wire the ability to manufacture 2oz. Galvanized coated chain link fence fabric to meet ASTM A 392 Class 2. Security mesh machines were also added to provide chain link mini mesh up to 20′ for the prison and security industries. Additional high carbon wire drawing capacity was also added.

In the most recent decade, many projects and capital investments have been made in opening manufacturing facilities in Birmingham, AL and Sacramento, CA to further the reach of Southwestern wire’s products into the chain link and recycling wire marketplaces. The management team and principals of Southwestern Wire continue to pride themselves on supporting the employees with new technologies and new opportunities to grow. With products melted and manufactured in the United States of America, the employees of Southwestern Wire can take pride in a growing “Made In The USA” company.

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