Agricultural Products

Barbed Wire

When a bit of authority is needed with your agricultural wire, Southwestern Wire provides superb barbed wire. Our wire is available in galvanized, aluminized and vinyl coatings to meet any durability and appearance specification you require. Sharp, reliable and tough enough to take on anything, our barbed wire is exactly what you are searching for.

Woven Wire/Field Fence

Southwestern Wire provides top-of-the-line field fencing with a variety of woven wire patterns. Available in v-mesh, max-tight knot, hinge-joint knot, and max-loc knot, our field fencing is great for any conditions. All of our woven wire field fences are made using our galvanized wire, to best protect your fence from the harshest ranch conditions.

Hog and Cattle Panels

Southwestern Wire’s hog and cattle panels are a great way to section your animals and still be easy on your wallet. For hogs, we provide our Max 50 inch panels with five different spacing sizes available to best suit your needs. For larger animals, such as cattle, we provide specialty welded fence panels that are tough enough for the harshest ranch conditions. These are available in much larger spacing and length specifications. All our panels are galvanized before being welded, to insure a smooth surface.

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